We are NOT “Field Negros!”

black-powerBlacks in America are not stupid, and they proved it on the 8th of November. The Democratic machine arrogantly assumed that Blacks would just fall in line and vote Democrat. The expectation was that Blacks, and Latinos alike, were supposed to come out in great numbers, with much exuberance, and blindly vote Democratic. Those days are quickly ending, and we are now heading into a new awareness. President-elect Trump’s win demonstrates a problem which has been growing for many years. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have produced real answers or solutions which have produced real and lasting results to the benefit of the entire United States. Divisiveness has been the only long-lasting result, and this has been true of both the Democrats and the Republicans. The main problem, in my humble estimation, is that both Parties made a similar mistake, they have allowed themselves to be derailed by mindsets contrary to the common citizen of the United States.

For example, the Democratic Party’s obsession with their version of the immigration issue is completely in opposition to the common citizen’s point of view. Whether Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American, and so forth, the regular person, the common man or woman, does not hate immigrants, on the other hand though, they also do not want to be inundated with a flood of persons, regardless of country of origin, who enter the United States illegally. build-the-wall¬†Illegal migration hurts Blacks as much as it hurts other citizens. Even we Chicanos, whose ancestry is from Mexico, believe that illegal immigration hurts us, especially when it comes to jobs. Are we racists against our own race because we do not want any persons to illegally enter the United States? Are we going to accuse Blacks of being racists because they also agree that we must protect our borders?

Listen to this, Democratic Party, we were not blinded to, nor did we fail to notice that the Democratic Party, when they had control of the Presidency, as well as Congress (first two years of the Obama presidency), clearly did not take steps toward resolving the immigration situation. This was, from our point of view, a clear indication that the Democratic Party did not care about resolving the immigration problem in the United States. Why? Because it would not serve their purpose in upcoming elections. On the other hand, we DID notice that you brought in Syrian refugees, helped them financially and catered to them. To Chicanos, and many other Latinos, this was a slap in the face.

breaking-the-chainsNo, we are NOT “Field Negros,” we will no longer live on the racist Democratic Party’s plantation. More and more of us are throwing off the chains of the lies which have bound us to a Party which does not have our interest at heart. But, let not the “Republican Party” start to gloat or anything like that. Many of us, Latinos and Blacks, who voted Republican were no necessarily voting for a political party. We were voting for change. This change must come about, or there will be a backlash there as well.





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