Trump and Clinton BFFs

The news media has been perpetuating the lie that Latinos are against Trump, accusing him of being a racist against Hispanics, specifically Mexicans.  In truth, though they have succeeded in raising hysteria among many Latinos, a great majority of us are not falling for the news medias lies. As a Chicano, myself, I decided to watch all of his speeches since he started running for offices. You can find them on the Right Side Broadcasting Network (in their entirety), and I found not one single statement of racial attack against us. Yes, I will agree that he was stupid in his remarks against the alleged Hispanic judge who is handling the case against him, but every one of us have at one time or another said something stupid.

donald-trump-hillary-clintonRacism is different, someone does not suddenly become a racist. Trump has been in the public eye for many years, and has been accepted in all circles, including with the Clintons themselves, and has never been accused of racism. If he had always been a racist, then Hillary Clinton, along with her husband, Bill, hung around with a racist, and liked him. Did the Clintons have a good relationship with a racist, or are they just making up all of this because of the elections.

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