shout_racist_640-590x590Let’s take a look at this overused word. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the definition has two parts:

  • Poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

  • The belief that some races of people are better than others

See that, “because of their race.” Now days, leftists use the word to attack anything they can’t attack legitimately. For example, the left wingers accuse Donald Trump of being a “racist.” For this to be true, Trump would either have to commit poor treatment or violence against a person, or persons, of racial groups other than his own, and there is no evidence he has ever done that. Secondly, He would have to believe his race is better than other races. And, again, there has been no real evidence of this either.

I will agree that “The Donald” put his foot in his mouth with that stupid statement about the judge handling his court case, but nothing in his ill-advised statement fits in with the definition above. Everybody knows that people often make decisions, and/or come to conclusions, based on their own race. Whites have hired other whites above other races simply because they were white. Blacks have backed other blacks simply because they were black. Latinos will often choose other Latinos over other racial groups, simply because they were Latino. Only a liar will argue that people do not do this. The problem is that Lefts will then accuse others, in this case, Trump, for doing something they do as well. This is hypocrisy on their part.

If I were to use the Leftist definition of racism, then Hillary Clinton is clearly a racist, as well. Her husband’s decision to enact NAFTA resulted, in part, with businesses fleeing the United States. In part, this resulted in major cities like Chicago and Detroit losing many jobs. The employment rate in this cities is atrocious. The majority of the people affected in these cities are blacks. Therefore since Hillary’s husband took action which harmed blacks, and she has stated publicly that she agreed with NAFTA, then she intentionally has harmed blacks. See, Hillary hates black people, she just wants their votes, so that she can continue to take action which will further harm them.

Finally, what’s all this crap about Trump being racist against Moslems? Moslems are not a race, they are a religion. Moslems and Christians both represent a religion. Neither of which represents a specific race. Both Moslems and Christians include blacks, whites, Latinos, and so forth. Moslems are a religion. If you want to accuse him of anything, at least don’t be stupid and just lie. When someone hates another religion, that is NOT racism. It may not be something good, but it is NOT racism. By the way, the race of the majority of Moslems, in the world, is Arabic, and Trump has yet to use disparaging language, or take any specific action, against Arabs.

Get it right, stupid Leftists.

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