I Love The Riots and Demonstrations against Trump!

Why, you might ask? Especially since I am obviously a Trump supporter, my opinion might confuse you. Well, here’s why.

The more those leftist fools march and spit out their hatred for our country, and against the people who voted contrary to their opinion, the more they push those of us who are ¬†from the middle farther away from their political perspective. I am not a right winger (whatever that is), and I hate racism from anyone who is racist, including the racism of the leftist fools. ¬†Their hatred and stupidity becomes more evident day to day. When they are interviewed on TV, many of these crazies spout their insanity about loving “trumping” hate, but their actions prove that this is not true, or their hatred would be “trumped” by love. Oh, wait, maybe they believe that being hateful is love, and so they need to be more hateful so that they are loving more. That makes sense, right?protest-1

Like, look at this picture, doesn’t she look so loving screaming out her hatred against President-elect Trump. I guess that her opinion would be that love is condemning someone else, attacking their beliefs, judging them before hand, and so on. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

And then, there are those rioters who are so patronizing. They scream and yell out their supposed love and support of Latinos, and spout stupidities which they actually believe makes us Latinos feel “loved.” Look at the following picture, and see how stupid their idea really is.


First of all, if they really believed that Mexico is such a great place, why are they here instead? And, notice the people, in the picture, who look like they might be Latino, they are all kids. If you were to tell them that they were going to be sent to Mexico they would get out and march and demonstrate and riot over that. Oh, wait, they are marching against the possibility of being sent to Mexico. If those people actually were against the idea of illegal immigrants being returned to Mexico, as if that was something truly bad, then why in hell would they want to make Texas Mexico? What are they saying, that they don’t want someone else to force them to go to Mexico, but that they want to exit the United States all by themselves? That makes great sense. NOT!

I love the fact that the Left was all, “Trump better accept the results of the election!!” Then, when they lost, they are refusing to do exactly what they said someone else was supposed to do. That’s that do what I say, not what I do, thing. God, they are so stupid. But, I love them. They are the best thing happening for the President-elect. The more they spout their hatred and phobias against our country, the more they push people away from their way of thinking. Especially when they are videotaped making some of the most outrageous comments.

I am so moved by all that “love” that is being expressed n the marches. I can see the smiles, and sweetness they are expressing. Look at this picture, isn’t that what love is all about?


Finally, to you Leftists, thank you greatly. If you keep this up, I predict that Trump will be re-elected again, but this time overwhelmingly. You dopes!!!!!!

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