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Well, I guess I was right!!

trump-winsBy now you know that Trump won the Presidential election. This makes me feel good about our country. I am one of those Latinos, specifically Chicanos, who believed we were disenfranchised by the Democratic Party. As a younger Chicano, I always voted Democrat, that was just the way thing were. But as I started maturing, I also started asking the right questions. I wondered what the Democratic Party had actually done for me. I am not asking what the Democrats alleged they had done for immigrants from Mexico or other countries,  I am speaking about we who were born in the USA with Mexican ancestry.

The Democrats whined about how much they loved the immigrant, but they totally ignored, yea, even shunned, the Chicano. We are United States citizens who are also proud of our American heritage. We have argued for many years that we do not want open borders which allow drug cartels to be able to send their poison across to our children. We do not want criminals crossing the border wantonly and committing crimes against our fellow citizens. We do not want an easy means of entering the US by possible terrorists who may want to impose violence against us.  We are those Latinos who voted Republican, and therefore for Trump. The Democrats had shown us that they were not going to hear us, much less care about those things we hold dear.

coupleWhen the smoke is cleared away, we will find that Latinos (Chicanos, Mexicanos, Mestizos, or whatever we call ourselves), voted in higher numbers than predicted for Trump, because we no longer trust the Democratic Party. I wrote an article ( a while back) where I urged the Republican Party to wake up and embrace everyone in a different way than they had until then. I now send the same message to the Democratic Party, stop being blind and focusing only on those emotional issues you have been prioritizing.

Stop lumping us into the same pile of crap as all the other people you also care less about. Latinos do not equate with Homosexuals, just as African Americans do not equate with the LGBT community. Latinos  and Blacks have a proud culture of people who love God, believe people should work, prefer a job over a handout, and believe in these United States. As long as you continue to paint us with a broad paintbrush of inclusion, you also disregard and ignore what makes us who we are.  We believe in the life of the unborn child. We love life. We don’t care what homosexuals do, in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but their sexual lifestyles should not be impose on the majority population of the United States. We don’t want to stop them from what they choose, but we will not accept being forced to live with their decisions.

The Republican Party did not defeat the Democratic Party in this election. It was those of us who did not fit well into either party that made the difference. Only a fool would look at the present Republicans and say they are the same as those from previous elections. Trump fought, not only against a vicious Democratic machine, against the political elite,  against corrupt career politicians, and against fully funded slandering agents, but he fought against the Republican insiders. Many of us never felt welcomed by the standard Republican Party of yesterday. It felt too White and exclusionary. Now the Democratic Party is the exclusionary party, you want only those who agree with the lies which are perpetuated.lucha

Many of us who voted for Trump are those people cast away from the Democratic Party. We will never return, as long as Democrats continue with the losing rhetoric. As with the pre-Trump Republican Party, I say the same to the present day Democratic Party, change or be left behind.

Ten Predictions for the 2016 Presidential Elections

  1. It will be exposed that the polling methods were erroneous, and possibly tampered with. Trumps number will be found to have always been higher that was reported.

  2. Either Trump will win in a landslide, or it will later be exposed that the electronic forms of voting were tampering with. In that case, the elections will be stolen.

  3. It will be found out that Latinos will have voted for Trump in greater numbers than were reported as supporting him during the election race.

  4. It will be found out that Blacks will have voted for Trump in greater numbers than were reported as supporting him during the election race.

  5. Afterwards, Hillary, if she steals the election, will quickly show that she is going to ignore most of the promises she made during the race.

  6. Afterwards, Trump, when he wins, will quickly begin to implement the promises he made during the elections.

  7. After Trump wins, he will install a new US Attorney General, and the FBI leadership will be reorganized. This will result in further investigations into Hillary’s various actions and decisions, and her case will be referred to the Grands Jury with many charges.

  8. Once Trump wins, he will begin building the wall within the first year of his presidency.

  9. Once Trump wins, we will start seeing businesses return to the United States, and businesses will begin to flourish in inner city areas, such as Detroit and Chicago, and more.

  10. After four years, Trump will be reelected in a landslide election.


shout_racist_640-590x590Let’s take a look at this overused word. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the definition has two parts:

  • Poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

  • The belief that some races of people are better than others

See that, “because of their race.” Now days, leftists use the word to attack anything they can’t attack legitimately. For example, the left wingers accuse Donald Trump of being a “racist.” For this to be true, Trump would either have to commit poor treatment or violence against a person, or persons, of racial groups other than his own, and there is no evidence he has ever done that. Secondly, He would have to believe his race is better than other races. And, again, there has been no real evidence of this either.

I will agree that “The Donald” put his foot in his mouth with that stupid statement about the judge handling his court case, but nothing in his ill-advised statement fits in with the definition above. Everybody knows that people often make decisions, and/or come to conclusions, based on their own race. Whites have hired other whites above other races simply because they were white. Blacks have backed other blacks simply because they were black. Latinos will often choose other Latinos over other racial groups, simply because they were Latino. Only a liar will argue that people do not do this. The problem is that Lefts will then accuse others, in this case, Trump, for doing something they do as well. This is hypocrisy on their part.

If I were to use the Leftist definition of racism, then Hillary Clinton is clearly a racist, as well. Her husband’s decision to enact NAFTA resulted, in part, with businesses fleeing the United States. In part, this resulted in major cities like Chicago and Detroit losing many jobs. The employment rate in this cities is atrocious. The majority of the people affected in these cities are blacks. Therefore since Hillary’s husband took action which harmed blacks, and she has stated publicly that she agreed with NAFTA, then she intentionally has harmed blacks. See, Hillary hates black people, she just wants their votes, so that she can continue to take action which will further harm them.

Finally, what’s all this crap about Trump being racist against Moslems? Moslems are not a race, they are a religion. Moslems and Christians both represent a religion. Neither of which represents a specific race. Both Moslems and Christians include blacks, whites, Latinos, and so forth. Moslems are a religion. If you want to accuse him of anything, at least don’t be stupid and just lie. When someone hates another religion, that is NOT racism. It may not be something good, but it is NOT racism. By the way, the race of the majority of Moslems, in the world, is Arabic, and Trump has yet to use disparaging language, or take any specific action, against Arabs.

Get it right, stupid Leftists.

Trump and Clinton BFFs

The news media has been perpetuating the lie that Latinos are against Trump, accusing him of being a racist against Hispanics, specifically Mexicans.  In truth, though they have succeeded in raising hysteria among many Latinos, a great majority of us are not falling for the news medias lies. As a Chicano, myself, I decided to watch all of his speeches since he started running for offices. You can find them on the Right Side Broadcasting Network (in their entirety), and I found not one single statement of racial attack against us. Yes, I will agree that he was stupid in his remarks against the alleged Hispanic judge who is handling the case against him, but every one of us have at one time or another said something stupid.

donald-trump-hillary-clintonRacism is different, someone does not suddenly become a racist. Trump has been in the public eye for many years, and has been accepted in all circles, including with the Clintons themselves, and has never been accused of racism. If he had always been a racist, then Hillary Clinton, along with her husband, Bill, hung around with a racist, and liked him. Did the Clintons have a good relationship with a racist, or are they just making up all of this because of the elections.