Whats Wrong with Being White?

I grew up with a hatred for white people. I blamed them for everything that went wrong in my life, especially if it had to do with a job or some opportunity I did not get. I was fired at several jobs, and I attributed the reason to me not being white, and they being racists. It was an easy conclusion, and, in my limited perspective, the truth. All I had to do was ignore the fact that I had a bad attitude, that I did not do my job as expected, or that I felt I was exempt from having to meet the same criteria as everyone else around me.

On one job, I constantly butted heads with other employees. I was constantly being corrected by my supervisors, and I took the other employees reactions to me as though it was a coordinated attack on me. When the job finally fired me, they called me to a meeting where the company manager, and two lawyers, were in attendance. They presented me with a long list of complaints and problems regarding me, as well as all the times I was warned or reprimanded. Since the Manger and the lawyers were white, I decided that their reason for firing me was racism. I ignored the fact that there were other employees, brown and black person, who were not being fired along with me. But in their case, I just assumed that they were complicit with the white people (you know, House Negros), and that this was why they were able to stay.

I have grown up since that time. I still acknowledge that racism exists in these United States, but I no longer ignore reality. I am conscious of how I choose to relate to others (of any race), and completely accept responsibility for myself and my life. But, it got me thinking on how I got to the point that I saw racism in the actions of whites, just because they were white.

I remember a conversation with a black friend of mine, about thirty years ago. He and I were of the same mind that white people controlled everything, and so we didnt have real chances for success in life. He made one comment that has stuck with me until this day.

We were speaking of how racism affects black and white people, when he suddenly blurted, Whoa, black people cannot be racists!
I was not sure I understood his claim, so I asked, Are you saying that blacks cannot be racists?
Yes, he said, We cannot be racists because we are not white, and we dont control the system.
I thought on his statement for a moment, and asked, So youre saying that not even one single black person hates white people, just because theyre white?
No, he argued, I am saying that you have to be white to be a racist.
So, I said, If a Chicano or black person hates white people, we are not being racists?

Right,  we are just reacting to their racism, he said proudly, If white people did not exist, there would be no racism!

I stared at my friend for a moment, stunned that he believed this obvious lie. I hated white people, back then, but I in no way believed that only white people could be racists. I had, unfortunately, known Latinos who had voiced racist statements about blacks. I knew the slang terms that some Latinos use regarding blacks. Was what these few people did racism, or were they just reacting to the white peoples racism?

In my capacity as a member of the Brown Berets Organization, I went to Jackson, Mississippi, with a group of Dallas Chicano and black activists. When we finally arrived, I learned what culture shock meant. Everywhere we went, the first two days, we saw only black people. Being from Dallas, Texas, I had always been used to seeing a fair number of white people, and of course blacks had always been around, in my life, since childhood. The sudden lack of white people seemed strange.

Even though the blacks from Jackson, who were involved in the movement, were cordial to the Chicanos in our group, that seemed to be mostly because we showed up with a contingency of Dallas black activists. When we ventured out into the city, the Chicanos among us found that things were different. The neighborhood we found ourselves was primarily black. To me and the other Chicanos this was nothing new. We had spent much time in Dallas black neighborhoods, when coordinating activities and events with the Black Panthers, SNCC, and other black activist organizations.

When we (along with the Dallas blacks) went to a local restaurant, we became the objects of sneers and rude comments about whites showing up in their neighborhood. It got the the point that the Dallas blacks instead decided that we go to the white area of the city to get lunch and work on our plans for the weeks activities and meetings in Jackson. No one reacted negatively to us (Chicanos and blacks) at the restaurants we did go to the rest of the week, which were primarily in the white neighborhoods.Brown Berets Sababu

What is it that I am NOT saying? I am NOT saying that all blacks in Jackson were bad people or that they all conspired to be mean to a small group of Chicanos from Dallas. I AM saying that those particular blacks who were rude and scornful toward us, were doing so because they decided that we were white (just because we were not black), and they had no problem showing their racism against us. Yes, those few blacks were racists.

So, back to the topic at hand, whats wrong with being white? I not only believe that some white people are racists, but I have been on the receiving end of racism at the hands of some whites. On the other hand, I know too many white persons who are no more racist than I am. Their concern in life is to live well, earn money, pay the bills, succeed as they are able, raise their families, and live freely in these United States. But then, this is also true of black people, and Latinos as well. White people, just because they are white, do not want anything different from life in comparison to any other race. In fact, history has proven that most whites have fought for and demanded fair treatment of all peoples.

The majority of the people who fought in the civil war, against slavery, and for freedom for blacks, were white. Whites have been a powerful force for equal opportunity in the US. No laws that were passed in favor of people of color, and other minorities, were passed without the votes of white people. In fact, any law which must be passed in the future to cause or bring about needed and necessary laws will need the white vote to win. Because of the population numbers, if every white person of legal age were to vote, they could pass laws without blacks, Latinos, and other people of color needing to vote. But the contrary is not true. Latinos, or blacks, or other people of color, could not on each races sole votes alone, vote anything into law at the national level. Even if all blacks of legal age had voted for Obama, their votes alone would not be able to elect him as President. The majority of the votes for Obama were from whites. So then the question is, Were they being racists, or were they voting the way they really wanted?

Lets not attack white people just because they are white. Lets not accept when someone from our racial group attacks ALL whites as being racists. In fact, lets us, Chicanos, blacks, and other people of color, make a public outcry when ALL whites are lumped in together under the label racists, just as we do not want any other races lumping all of us in with the actions of a few stupid people of our race.

Blacks and Slavery in the U. S.

Many of us are aware that some people in the United States had slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries. These slaves were both black and white, though the larger number was of persons of African descent. As well, the slave owners were not only white, but some were also blacks themselves. Whether someone had slaves just because he was white, or whether a person was a slave just because he was black is irrelevant. Both blacks and whites had slaves during that time, and whites as well as blacks were found in the ranks of the slaves.

Slavery itself is an institution that has existed on earth throughout time. The more powerful have taken advantage of those who could not defend themselves, and took many of them as slaves, or at least as indentured servants. Slavery solved many problems for the slave owner. Instead of working the land himself, as people do in modern times, even with employees in many cases, the slave owner exploited the resource of a human being to do the work for little to no financial cost. The less money the owner spends, the more money he keeps in his pockets.

Slavery, in and of itself, is not a racial issue. Throughout all of history people have enslaved, or been enslaved, not specifically because of their skin color, but for the use of their labor. In the eyes of the slave owners, whether the slave is black, white, Latino, Asian or whatever, is irrelevant. What they wanted was to have workers which they would not have to pay for the work they did. Race was a minor issue, money was the important thing.

Emphasized in the United States of those past centuries, by the fact that black men also had slaves. I have to believe that those black men did not want to buy and own other blacks purely because they were black. Nor, I would venture, did these black slave owners believe that slaves should only be black. The black slave owners would have bought and owned slaves, of any color, just so that they could get their work done and make money. Slavery is not a racial issue, it is an issue of exploitation.

A recent television series, “The Book of Negros,” as did the old series, “Roots,” made one thing clear in my mind. From viewing the first episode, I came away feeling angry at the African blacks who exploited their “own” people, for the monetary benefits. I watched as the actors portrayed the black slavers killing a black woman and seriously injured her husband with the purpose of capturing their daughter, so they could sell her to white slavers. Throughout the world, when slavery is considered, it is not specifically thought of in racial terms. Worldwide slavery has touched the lives of practically all races on the planet. Slavers, no matter what color they are, black, white, or other, don’t care what race the slave is. The only concern to slavers is that they get away with what they are doing, while making money doing it.

In the United States there is a concept that prevails that blacks were enslaved simply because they were black. In this sense, the issue would be wholly a black and white problem. If that were true, then in the 18th and 19th centuries, the only people to own slaves would have been white, and all black people, had been enslaved. None of this is true, as I pointed out above, both whites and blacks owned black slaves. So then, one must ask, why is this idea of slaves being only blacks and slave owners only being white so prevalent? In the following chapters I will touch on the reason for this mindset, at least from my own personal point of view.

As a Chicano, I look at the slavery issue through “brown eyes.” Though I could not find any real proof that Latinos were enslaved in the same sense as blacks in America, Mexicans suffered greatly at the hands of dictators, and want-to-be dictators. The result of the white man meeting the brown person, was that Mexico ended up losing almost half of its previous land to the United States. Many Mexicanos who ended up on the US side of the new borders became victims of many atrocities by whites, which resulted in the theft of land, loss of freedoms, and a dramatic turn of events which left too many Latinos at the lowest steps of the economic ladder.

At one point there were many wealthy Mexican land owners in what we now know as the southwest United States. Many of these people were victimized, and ended up losing their homes, land, and income. Essentially, they were reduced to economic slaves dependent on the mercy of others for a means to earn pennies to live on. No, I do not say, nor am I implying that their situation was equal to actual slavery. I am saying that they also lost lives, liberty, and self-determination at the hands of whites.

As a Chicano, I grew up with this “slave” mentality, or what Malcom X calls refers to as a “field Negro.” I grew up angry at white people for everything I found wrong with society. If there was something that I decided held me back from succeeding, it was because some white person had done it. In my mind, Chicanos would never succeed because whites would find some way to hold us back. I believed that I would never achieve much because whites would take advantage of the fact that they “controlled everything” and stop me. Every obstacle in my life, whether my creation or not, was blamed on white people. They were the “enemy,” and I was the innocent victim. As long as I kept this idea, this lie, in my head, I was enslaved to the sin of failure. I would never succeed, and I would accept this, because I was not white.

The problem with that concept was, that I was also intelligent. Oh, I admit that I did many stupid things in my life. I admit that too often I did not think before taking steps, just to end up, metaphorically, flat on my face. And, I remember several times in my life, where I lost good jobs because of my attitude. And, every time I failed at something, or missed a good opportunity, it was the white man’s fault. But still, I was also intelligent.

I started college at El Centro Community College in Dallas, Texas, in my mid-twenties. My goal was to earn my degrees, and then use them as my weapons in this racial war, in which I believed I was involved. I intended to gain the respect and esteem that I imagined came with the degrees, and use that “power” to fight for La Raza (my race: Chicanos). I quickly realized I was like a long-dried sponge suddenly dropped into the ocean. I started soaking up every bit of knowledge I could get. My favorite class, during those early years, was on history. The Professor got this bright idea of dividing the class into two sections, with one being the “whites” and the other being the “Indians.” The intent was that each side research historical facts to argue for their side, as well as find facts to argue against the other. In this case, for the “whites” to prove that the “Indians” were the ones who did wrong, while proving that the “whites” were justified for their actions. As well, the “Indians” were to prove the wrongs of the “whites,” while defending the actions of the “Indians.”


To my great relief I ended up on the “Indian” side. I dove into the research with great enthusiasm. I was going to finally learn more about the wrongs and atrocities of the white man, and have real and effective ammunition (as it were) for my war against white people. When the day of the “debate” arrived, my side was ready for the “battle.” The rules allowed each student the opportunity, in turns, to present one item of data against the other side, and one item in defense of one’s own side. To my astonishment, though it took some time to filter into my conscious mind, both sides presented real and real arguments for their defense, and against the other side. At first I simply ignored the other side’s arguments, and satisfied my animosity against whites by hearing only what I wanted to hear. The result in my mind was to convince me that I had been right all along. The professor did a great job of accomplishing that. I decided that getting knowledge was my best friend, while at the same time, it also was the enemy of my enemy.

As time went on, and I started to open my mind to possibilities. Questions would come to my mind that I could not readily answer; especially not by using the old answers with which I had always satisfied myself. I started paying attention to life around me. It was like I was blind up until then. I paid attention to people, of all skin colors, and what I was saw no longer lined up with the “truths” I had always believed. I noticed that whites also suffered from lack of work, success, some freedoms. I became conscious that the person’s skin color was not the sole reason for a lack of success. As a younger person, I believed that all blacks were victims and did not have a real chance of moving up and succeeding in these United States. I related to that implicitly. The problem with that logic is that blacks, too often in history, did not let the color of their skin hold them back from success. I learned this in history class. Holding on to the lie was getting harder.

I learned of people like Lucy Terry Prince, the earliest known poet. Thomas L. Jenkins, was the first African-American to hold a patent. Nat Turner led the most significant slave uprising in American history. Alexander Lucius Twilight was elected to the Vermont State Government. At a time when it was thought impossible for a black man to have his own newspaper, Fredrick Douglas started his own. George Crum, a cook who owned a restaurant, invented the first potato chips. I learned that blacks also fought in the Civil War. I read about Father Patrick Francis, who was the first African-American to earn a Ph. D. There is also, Hiram Revels, who became the first person of color elected to the U. S. Senate. John Shippen is known for having been the first black man to play golf in the U. S. OPEN, and he was only 17. As well, John Baxter Taylor, Jr. won a gold medal at the Olympics. Who can forget Madame C. J. Walker, the first black millionaire? I could go on and on, listing blacks who did not allow the color of their skin to make them victims. Instead, these people excelled in spite of the mountainous obstacles, to reach and carry out something that others believed just could not happen. If you are interested in learning more about these people and many others, please go on the web to HERE.

Though I am not black, I feel a strong sense of pride at the accomplishments of these people, who did not let the color of their skins dictate their lives to them. I feel this way because I come from a people who have known many failures and defeats in our own history. As a Chicano, I am very conscious of my own racial roots. We, Chicanos, come, primarily, from the Mestizo. The Mestizo were the result of interrelations between the white Spaniards and the indigenous people who populated large areas known as northern Mexico today. These aborigines, who came from the Aztec nation, were the brown people who were there when the white Spanish explorers invaded the province. These explorers “discovered” a continent that already had people living on it for over 13,000 years. Can you imagine the audacity of the Spaniards to believe that just because the indigenous population was not white, as themselves, that they were a backward civilization that deserved to be invaded and be colonized?

The Spaniards did not bring their white women with them, and ended up having relations with the local women. The result was the Mestizo, the mixed race. We Chicanos are part of those people. The Indigenous population, as well as the Spaniards, rejected the Mestizos, forcing them to move up north. The areas they ended up in were what became northern Mexico, and so, the southwest United States. Mestizos have never had their own country. We have never had our own nation. We have never had our own government. As a matter of fact, during our existence, we have been colonized and governed, depending on the actual location in which we found ourselves, by six different nations; Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America.

Chicanos are not blacks, obviously. And, Chicanos were not enslaved physically, as blacks were. But, as a people, as a race, as a skin color, we have endured much racism and bigotry in these United States. Sadly, though, not only at the hands of whites, but sometimes from blacks as well. This is most obvious today in the US. With the number of immigrating Mexicans entering the US, you can hear a thundering sound of grumble from many blacks (no, not all blacks) about how those “Mexicans” are taking away jobs which blacks could have instead. And consider this, with all the “benefits” and “aid” giving to the growing number of non-citizen Mexicans, who is going to fund these “benefits” and “aid?” Blacks, Latino US citizens, and whites will have to pony up even more money to keep up these benefits and aid.

As the number of Latinos in the US grows, we the Latino also hear the rumbles of discontent growing in the black population. Keep in mind, dear reader, that in the minds of many blacks in the United States, Latinos are also white. We are seen as the enemy by some people of African descent. I will even admit that there are also some Latinos who have no love of the black man. There will always be people of all skin colors that hate others just because their skin color is different from theirs. This is a reality, and it is one that is not going to go away.

Blacks, as a people, were victimized by slavers, both black and white. But what is the answer? Do we make the descendants of these black and white slavers pay restitution for the sins of their fathers? Do we pay monies to the descendants of the blacks and whites who were enslaved, regardless of the level of, and reason for, their enslavement? How do we punish the present day descendants for their ancestor’s crimes? I cannot say that I understand the feelings of someone whose ancestors were slaves, but I can say that I understand the feelings of people who were rejected, cast out, colonized, and governed by others. The feelings of victimization and racial hatred have coursed through every part of my life, just as my blood runs through my veins. No matter how angry I got, or how justified I felt of my actions, I have not found the answer which will make it all go away.

Racism is real and alive in the United States, but so what? It is everywhere in the world. It is not going away. The only real answer, in my opinion, and I may add the only possibility I have reached, is that we choose not to continue to be victims, but instead throw off the shackles of the lies which have bound us. The truth is that we will either continue to see ourselves as victims, or we will see ourselves as being free people. We will either continue as “field Negros,” hating the white man and those “house Negros,” or we will stop being slaves mentally and choose to live free. To “fight” for our equal rights using our status as citizens of the United States, not as people of color against the descendants of former slave owners. Read more from my book: We Are NOT Field Negros.

Ethnocentrism is NOT Racism

Race is the culprit. It seems that lately we, in the US, are getting more and more touchy when it comes to race. It seems that many people find it somehow wrong for others to be ethnocentric. The dictionary defines this word as: evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one’s own culture. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. It is okay for any person, black, white, brown, or other, to look at the world through their own perspective as a person of their own race. Black people see the world as blacks, white people see the world as whites, and brown people see the world as browns/Latinos.

Magazine 4

Latinos compare others, regardless of race, from the point of view that we speak Spanish (or at least our own versions of the language, depending on our country of origin). The language unites us, in spite of the person’s skin color. Race is not the issue to most Latinos, language is. White people and blacks are basically alike, in that the great majority not only do not speak Spanish, but they don’t even try.

Black Americans tend to view the world from the perspective of the shade of their skin. No, not every single one of them, but too many. To many blacks, any ethnocentric behavior on the part of a person of another race will be viewed as racism. Is it really racism for a white person to love whites above all other races? If a black person choosing blacks over whites is racism, then the other is racism also. Racism applies equally to all people.

Racism and ethnocentrism are not the same thing. I know of black men who have decided to marry a black woman without even considering women of other races. Is this okay, or racism? Would it be wrong for a white woman not to want to marry a black man, just because she really wants to marry a white man? The obvious answer is, No. Ethnocentrism is not racism. Liking your own race over others is not racism.

Racism is when you believe that other races are somehow bad, less human, unwanted and/or should be eliminated, just because they are not the same skin color as yours. There is no consideration of just wanting your own race to succeed, in racism, but that you specifically want people of other skin colors to fail as well.

Brown Berets 0195

An ethnocentric person wants his race to succeed, but has no problems with other races succeeding as well. I see myself as ethnocentric. I love the Latino people, and enjoy being brown. Most importantly, I love being Chicano (a US citizen with Mexican ancestry). But, none of that means I hold any negative feelings against people of other skin colors, or national origins. Their success or failure is their own responsibility. My success, and that of other Latinos, is mine.

There is one more aspect that I want to touch on, regarding this topic. While I am a Chicano, and see the world through brown eyes, I am also an American US citizen. I was born here. My relatives have lived in this part of the southwest area of the United States, since before it was Texas. I am a third or fourth generation US citizen. I love this country.

As a citizen of the US, I care about the success of all people, black, white and Latinos included. I do not believe that either of these races should be given a special status or privilege or benefit over the rest of us. I am proud that the US voted a non-white President (even if he is only half-black). I am proud that blacks have progressed in society to the level of prominence they currently have. America would be a vastly different country without its black citizens. We would be less than we are today. One of the reasons people from around the world, especially those from Mexico, want to come to live in the United States, is because of the black experience. No, I am not saying that they sit around and contemplate all that has happened to blacks in the US. I am saying that because of the great advances regarding blacks in the US, people from other countries know that they also will have the same opportunities available to them.


If blacks in the US had not advanced, if their rights and/or privileges had been denied them, if there had been no real progress in society, the world would know that the US is not a place for people who want a better life. Mexicans, in particular, who already live in a repressive and dangerous society, would not try to enter the US to live here. In one very real sense, how America has treated its black citizens has been our message to the world as to how we would treat them as well.

I am not speaking of individual cases and circumstances. I am speaking of the overall ability for blacks to progress in all areas of American society. I cannot think of any area, in our society, where blacks are not a part; and with that said, I mean in a successful and beneficial manner. Black men and women are well-known sports figures. Black men and women are well-known politicians (good and bad), Black men and women are involved in science, actors on television and in movies, and so on. This is something that we Latinos are paying attention to. Now we also want a piece of the pie. We would also love to have a brown President (even a half-brown one).

I Love The Riots and Demonstrations against Trump!

Why, you might ask? Especially since I am obviously a Trump supporter, my opinion might confuse you. Well, here’s why.

The more those leftist fools march and spit out their hatred for our country, and against the people who voted contrary to their opinion, the more they push those of us who are  from the middle farther away from their political perspective. I am not a right winger (whatever that is), and I hate racism from anyone who is racist, including the racism of the leftist fools.  Their hatred and stupidity becomes more evident day to day. When they are interviewed on TV, many of these crazies spout their insanity about loving “trumping” hate, but their actions prove that this is not true, or their hatred would be “trumped” by love. Oh, wait, maybe they believe that being hateful is love, and so they need to be more hateful so that they are loving more. That makes sense, right?protest-1

Like, look at this picture, doesn’t she look so loving screaming out her hatred against President-elect Trump. I guess that her opinion would be that love is condemning someone else, attacking their beliefs, judging them before hand, and so on. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

And then, there are those rioters who are so patronizing. They scream and yell out their supposed love and support of Latinos, and spout stupidities which they actually believe makes us Latinos feel “loved.” Look at the following picture, and see how stupid their idea really is.


First of all, if they really believed that Mexico is such a great place, why are they here instead? And, notice the people, in the picture, who look like they might be Latino, they are all kids. If you were to tell them that they were going to be sent to Mexico they would get out and march and demonstrate and riot over that. Oh, wait, they are marching against the possibility of being sent to Mexico. If those people actually were against the idea of illegal immigrants being returned to Mexico, as if that was something truly bad, then why in hell would they want to make Texas Mexico? What are they saying, that they don’t want someone else to force them to go to Mexico, but that they want to exit the United States all by themselves? That makes great sense. NOT!

I love the fact that the Left was all, “Trump better accept the results of the election!!” Then, when they lost, they are refusing to do exactly what they said someone else was supposed to do. That’s that do what I say, not what I do, thing. God, they are so stupid. But, I love them. They are the best thing happening for the President-elect. The more they spout their hatred and phobias against our country, the more they push people away from their way of thinking. Especially when they are videotaped making some of the most outrageous comments.

I am so moved by all that “love” that is being expressed n the marches. I can see the smiles, and sweetness they are expressing. Look at this picture, isn’t that what love is all about?


Finally, to you Leftists, thank you greatly. If you keep this up, I predict that Trump will be re-elected again, but this time overwhelmingly. You dopes!!!!!!

We are NOT “Field Negros!”

black-powerBlacks in America are not stupid, and they proved it on the 8th of November. The Democratic machine arrogantly assumed that Blacks would just fall in line and vote Democrat. The expectation was that Blacks, and Latinos alike, were supposed to come out in great numbers, with much exuberance, and blindly vote Democratic. Those days are quickly ending, and we are now heading into a new awareness. President-elect Trump’s win demonstrates a problem which has been growing for many years. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have produced real answers or solutions which have produced real and lasting results to the benefit of the entire United States. Divisiveness has been the only long-lasting result, and this has been true of both the Democrats and the Republicans. The main problem, in my humble estimation, is that both Parties made a similar mistake, they have allowed themselves to be derailed by mindsets contrary to the common citizen of the United States.

For example, the Democratic Party’s obsession with their version of the immigration issue is completely in opposition to the common citizen’s point of view. Whether Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American, and so forth, the regular person, the common man or woman, does not hate immigrants, on the other hand though, they also do not want to be inundated with a flood of persons, regardless of country of origin, who enter the United States illegally. build-the-wall Illegal migration hurts Blacks as much as it hurts other citizens. Even we Chicanos, whose ancestry is from Mexico, believe that illegal immigration hurts us, especially when it comes to jobs. Are we racists against our own race because we do not want any persons to illegally enter the United States? Are we going to accuse Blacks of being racists because they also agree that we must protect our borders?

Listen to this, Democratic Party, we were not blinded to, nor did we fail to notice that the Democratic Party, when they had control of the Presidency, as well as Congress (first two years of the Obama presidency), clearly did not take steps toward resolving the immigration situation. This was, from our point of view, a clear indication that the Democratic Party did not care about resolving the immigration problem in the United States. Why? Because it would not serve their purpose in upcoming elections. On the other hand, we DID notice that you brought in Syrian refugees, helped them financially and catered to them. To Chicanos, and many other Latinos, this was a slap in the face.

breaking-the-chainsNo, we are NOT “Field Negros,” we will no longer live on the racist Democratic Party’s plantation. More and more of us are throwing off the chains of the lies which have bound us to a Party which does not have our interest at heart. But, let not the “Republican Party” start to gloat or anything like that. Many of us, Latinos and Blacks, who voted Republican were no necessarily voting for a political party. We were voting for change. This change must come about, or there will be a backlash there as well.





Well, I guess I was right!!

trump-winsBy now you know that Trump won the Presidential election. This makes me feel good about our country. I am one of those Latinos, specifically Chicanos, who believed we were disenfranchised by the Democratic Party. As a younger Chicano, I always voted Democrat, that was just the way thing were. But as I started maturing, I also started asking the right questions. I wondered what the Democratic Party had actually done for me. I am not asking what the Democrats alleged they had done for immigrants from Mexico or other countries,  I am speaking about we who were born in the USA with Mexican ancestry.

The Democrats whined about how much they loved the immigrant, but they totally ignored, yea, even shunned, the Chicano. We are United States citizens who are also proud of our American heritage. We have argued for many years that we do not want open borders which allow drug cartels to be able to send their poison across to our children. We do not want criminals crossing the border wantonly and committing crimes against our fellow citizens. We do not want an easy means of entering the US by possible terrorists who may want to impose violence against us.  We are those Latinos who voted Republican, and therefore for Trump. The Democrats had shown us that they were not going to hear us, much less care about those things we hold dear.

coupleWhen the smoke is cleared away, we will find that Latinos (Chicanos, Mexicanos, Mestizos, or whatever we call ourselves), voted in higher numbers than predicted for Trump, because we no longer trust the Democratic Party. I wrote an article ( a while back) where I urged the Republican Party to wake up and embrace everyone in a different way than they had until then. I now send the same message to the Democratic Party, stop being blind and focusing only on those emotional issues you have been prioritizing.

Stop lumping us into the same pile of crap as all the other people you also care less about. Latinos do not equate with Homosexuals, just as African Americans do not equate with the LGBT community. Latinos  and Blacks have a proud culture of people who love God, believe people should work, prefer a job over a handout, and believe in these United States. As long as you continue to paint us with a broad paintbrush of inclusion, you also disregard and ignore what makes us who we are.  We believe in the life of the unborn child. We love life. We don’t care what homosexuals do, in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but their sexual lifestyles should not be impose on the majority population of the United States. We don’t want to stop them from what they choose, but we will not accept being forced to live with their decisions.

The Republican Party did not defeat the Democratic Party in this election. It was those of us who did not fit well into either party that made the difference. Only a fool would look at the present Republicans and say they are the same as those from previous elections. Trump fought, not only against a vicious Democratic machine, against the political elite,  against corrupt career politicians, and against fully funded slandering agents, but he fought against the Republican insiders. Many of us never felt welcomed by the standard Republican Party of yesterday. It felt too White and exclusionary. Now the Democratic Party is the exclusionary party, you want only those who agree with the lies which are perpetuated.lucha

Many of us who voted for Trump are those people cast away from the Democratic Party. We will never return, as long as Democrats continue with the losing rhetoric. As with the pre-Trump Republican Party, I say the same to the present day Democratic Party, change or be left behind.

Ten Predictions for the 2016 Presidential Elections

  1. It will be exposed that the polling methods were erroneous, and possibly tampered with. Trumps number will be found to have always been higher that was reported.

  2. Either Trump will win in a landslide, or it will later be exposed that the electronic forms of voting were tampering with. In that case, the elections will be stolen.

  3. It will be found out that Latinos will have voted for Trump in greater numbers than were reported as supporting him during the election race.

  4. It will be found out that Blacks will have voted for Trump in greater numbers than were reported as supporting him during the election race.

  5. Afterwards, Hillary, if she steals the election, will quickly show that she is going to ignore most of the promises she made during the race.

  6. Afterwards, Trump, when he wins, will quickly begin to implement the promises he made during the elections.

  7. After Trump wins, he will install a new US Attorney General, and the FBI leadership will be reorganized. This will result in further investigations into Hillary’s various actions and decisions, and her case will be referred to the Grands Jury with many charges.

  8. Once Trump wins, he will begin building the wall within the first year of his presidency.

  9. Once Trump wins, we will start seeing businesses return to the United States, and businesses will begin to flourish in inner city areas, such as Detroit and Chicago, and more.

  10. After four years, Trump will be reelected in a landslide election.

Hillary Clinton is the true RACIST!

Racism is not always as obvious as someone saying some words. too many times the racist could seem to not be racist if he or she just does not say anything derogatory about someone else’s race. So, therefore, to be able to identify a racist, often one needs to look at their actions and decisions. If someone takes an action, or makes a decision, which results in damage or adversely affect a specific race (even if other races are affected as well).

racismNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which went into force in 1994, changed relations between the U.S. and Mexico in two significant ways. It virtually eliminated tariffs between the two countries, and it made it easier for U.S. firms to invest in Mexico. Quoting an Economic Policy Institute article, by By Robert E. Scott • November 17, 2003, titled, “The high price of ‘free’ trade – NAFTA’s failure has cost the United States jobs across the nation,” I have included the following:

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1993, the rise in the U.S. trade deficit with Canada and Mexico through 2002 has caused the displacement of production that supported 879,280 U.S. jobs. Most of those lost jobs were high-wage positions in manufacturing industries. The loss of these jobs is just the most visible tip of NAFTA’s impact on the U.S. economy. In fact, NAFTA has also contributed to rising income inequality, suppressed real wages for production workers, weakened workers’ collective bargaining powers and ability to organize unions and reduced fringe benefits.

Increases in U.S. exports tend to create jobs in this country, but increases in imports tend to reduce jobs because the imports displace goods that otherwise would have been made in the United States by domestic workers.

In fact, most U.S. exports to Mexico are parts and components that are shipped to Mexico and assembled into final products that are then returned to the United States. The number of products that Mexico assembles and exports—such as refrigerators, TVs, automobiles, and computers—has mushroomed under the NAFTA agreement. Many of these products are produced in the Maquiladora export processing zones in Mexico, where parts enter duty-free and are re-exported to the United States in assembled products, with duties paid only on the value added in Mexico. The share of total U.S. exports to Mexico that is represented by Maquiladora imports has risen from 39% of U.S. exports in 1993 to 61% in 2002.2 The number of such plants increased from 2,114 in 1993 to 3,251 in 2002 (INEGI 2003a, 2003b).

Between 1994 (when NAFTA was implemented) and 2000, total employment rose rapidly in the United States, causing overall unemployment to fall to record low levels. But unemployment began to rise early in 2001, and 2.4 million jobs were lost in the domestic economy between March 2001 and October 2003 (BLS 2003). These job losses have been primarily concentrated in the manufacturing sector, which has experienced a total decline of 2.4 million jobs since March 2001. As job growth has dried up in the economy, the underlying problems caused by U.S. trade deficits have become much more apparent, especially in manufacturing.

If we look throughout the United States and look for areas where this is most clear, we can find that in areas where black and Latino US citizens live were strongly and adversely affected. They had to know ahead of time of the possible results, which were that specific races in the US would be impacted more than others. Though this fact was hidden from the public beneath the “positive” accolades which were supposed to occur. This implies intent. If this is true, and I believe it is, then the actors here (the Clintons) knew that blacks and Latinos were in danger of losing jobs (which would move out of the United States) and still took the action they did. They consciously took action which directly impacted and adversely affected the black and Latino US citizens. This is a signal of racism.

One more point, there is no question that Mexican citizens live in danger from drug cartels, rogue military units, and too often, from their own government. The Syrian refugees that Obama wants to bring into the United States, and with whom Hillary agrees, also live in danger, except that apart from suffering danger from Radical Islamic Terrorists, they were not in danger from their own government. Why are the Syrians more important than Mexicanos? Why does Hillary believe that Syrians are in greater need of US residency and citizenship, than Mexicans? Leftists Democrats love to accuse others (like Donald Trump), of racism, but their own actions prove to me that, in fact, it is they who are the racists.

CROOKED HILLARY – NO CHARGES!!!!!!!!!?????????

Justice? No, Just US!

What the heck is going on? If it had been me or you, we would have been charged if we had done even a quarter of what the FBI director said Hillary did, they would have rushed blindly to file charges against us. You know that’s true., and, no, I don’t mean that she should have been found guilty, just because we don’t like her. At minimum, she is guilty of gross negligence in her duties. FBI Director Comey said that Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” He also noted empathically, “none of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system.”

Quoting an article on Investor’s Business Daily, from 07-05-2016, notice the following:

Lest you think that’s reading too much into it, Comey also said this: “This is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.”

In short, Hillary won’t be charged, but anyone else would. Clinton justice triumphs again.

Lest you think that’s reading too much into it, Comey also said this: “This is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.”

In short, Hillary won’t be charged, but anyone else would. Clinton justice triumphs again.

The timing of Comey’s decision couldn’t be accidental.

Just a week ago, former President Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her government jet on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. The two claimed to have merely had a friendly conversation, a lie so obvious that even Democrats and their left-wing allies in the mainstream media were outraged at its brazenness. A meeting between the top law enforcement official in the country and the husband of a woman under federal investigation doesn’t happen unless it was planned.

We’ll likely never know what precisely was said in that meeting, which took place out of reach of cameras and recorders, but it is significant that Lynch said she would follow the FBI’s recommendations in the matter, and that Comey should announce no charges against Hillary Clinton just days after. Highly suspicious.

For the record, Hillary’s protestations that she didn’t know that secrets were on her server doesn’t absolve her of guilt: The Espionage Act explicitly forbids transferring classified documents to an unsecured place, either knowingly or through “gross negligence.” Clinton is, at minimum, guilty of the latter.

Worst of all, as we noted, Comey confirmed a number of Hillary Clinton’s outright lies in recent months about her use of her homebrew servers.

  1. Despite Clinton’s repeated claims to have neither sent nor received any secret information on her open email server, Comey said 110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information “at the time they were sent or received.
  2. Contrary to Clinton’s assertion that she had turned over all her work-related emails, “several thousand work-related emails were not in the group of 30,000 that were returned.” Comey noted it’s also likely that there were other work-related emails that Clinton and the State Department did not produce and that weren’t found elsewhere.
  3. It’s possible that “hostile actors” — spies — hacked Clinton’s personal email account, leading to a breach of security. “Any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation.”
  4. Contrary to Clinton’s repeated protestations that none of the emails were designated classified, even if something is not marked “classified” in an email, “participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated by law to protect it.”
  5. There wasn’t just one server, but multiple, and “numerous mobile devices.” So her use of a home server had nothing to do with convenience, as Hillary Clinton insisted, but rather with a systematic effort to keep information out of reach of the Freedom of Information Act and Clinton’s potential political foes.